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Smart Sole - The next step for monitoring of vulnerable individuals!


  • Getting lost is common amongst the elderly and people living with Dementia, Alzheimer's and learning disabilities
  • SmartSole is a reliable and effective solution to maintain a user's independence whilst ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind for concerned relatives


The patented GPS enabled "Smart" insoles fit easily into most adult shoes.  This removes the need to carry a separate tracking device, allowing users to maintain their existing lifestyle without unfamiliar additions.

The SmartSoles come in several trim to fit sizes, are water resistant and are made with the highest quality electronic components ensuring maximum GPS and network coverage.

  • This new wearable technology provides a discreet and effective way to know where your loved ones are
  • Track their location anytime through an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet or via a web browser
  • Be alerted when your loved one wanders
  • Set up text and e-mail alerts if they leave or enter defined areas on a map
  • Removes the need for pendants or key fobs which are often forgotten
  • Inductively charged, increasing reliability and allowing easier charging for people with limited dexterity

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