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Wall Family

The Wall Family are a range of powerful wireless nurse call units, which offer a flexible and powerful yet simple solution for
visually and audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients. They can all be linked to our extensive range of products.


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Isolator Switch
Product Code: NE10-11017-01

Single Button Alarm Point
Product Code:NE10-11207-01

3 Button Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11213-01

Single Pear Input Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11205-01

Single Pear Input/Single Button Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11209-01

Pull Cord Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11211-01

Single Button/Pull Cord Alarm Point
Product Code: NE10-11218-01

Peripheral/Sensor Interface
Product Code: NE10-11013-01

Wall Frame 16mm Pattress Box (Surface Mount)
Product Code: LL32-06001-08