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Switches - enabling access to assistive technology


Users unable to hold a device can use switches which enable them to use assistive technology.  Making contact with a switch can, for example, turn on the lights, a lamp and open doors and windows*.

Switches are devices that utilise even the most minimal movement capabilities of an individual.   The extensive range of switches can be activated by hand, foot, finger, head, chin, mouth, sip/puff, knee etc.

Switches then connect to assistive technology products enabling the user to operate the equipment via the method of Switch Scanning.  

Switch Scanning

When the user clicks the switch, scanning starts (each icon highlights).

Start scanning

Scan Lamp

If the user clicks the switch when the ‘Lamp’ icon is highlighted the lights go on*.

Lamp on

Once activated the scanning goes back to the beginning waiting for the user to click the switch again.

To see switch scanning in action please view our EAT animation.

A wide range of switches and excellent access products are available - single and dual switches, proximity switches, multiple switches and joysticks which can be attached to floor stands, bed, wall and wheelchair mounts. Switches are available in a range of colours and sizes dependent on individual requirements.

Please contact us for more information and advice on switches applicable for your requirements.

* Accessories will be required.

Associated / Complementary products


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