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ShortNLong & ShortNLong+ Remote Control

The ShortNLong and ShortNLong+are much more than a remote control.

The ShortNLong has replaced the HC8002 as the remote control for  NewFreeway and Vivo+

The major improvement is that it has an additional second function that can be accessed via a long press or a secondary switch.

You can capture Infra-Red codes or with ShortNLong+ NEAT radio codes which open up a wide range of possibilities.

The second function could be used to open a door, turn on an appliance, call for assistance or answer a phone call.

It can also be used as a two function controller.


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Product Description

Replacement Infra-Red remote controller for New Freeway and Vivo+ replaces HC8002

New robust case

2x replaceable AA batteries

2 Functions

ShortNLong: Infra-Red

ShortNLong+: Infra-Red and Neat Radio 869.2 MHz

Single function mode


Product Code:

034-908 – ShortNLong

034-903 – ShortNLong+

Dimensions (approx):

Width: 73mm
Length: 117mm
Depth: 24mm
Weight: 159 grammes