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The next generation of universal sensors

Possum’s unique universal sensor is an unrivalled solution for monitoring a range of sensing mats.
The inbuilt real time clock, integral keypad and display allow the time scheduling of occupancy alarms to be easily
adjusted without the need for a PC or additional equipment.
The temperature sensor function is a great feature for the detection of hazardous temperature conditions, both
high and low.

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Product Description

  • Reduced False Alarms,
  • Easy to program, includes Temperature sensor
  • SensorMATe can interface directly to any of the following sensors available
    from Possum:
    1. Bed occupancy/Falls prevention solutions
    2. Carpet sensing mats
    3. Enuresis sensor mats
    4. Pressure mats
  • One SensorMate can monitor two separate events eg. bed exit and enuresis.
  • This reduces both cost and set-up time.
  • Any associated alarm delays for sensors and the date and time are easily
    programmed using the integral keypad.
  • The inbuilt real time clock automatically updates for British Summer time
    and leap years ensuring that costly reprogramming visits are no longer
  • The unit is powered by two AA batteries providing a completely portable
    solution with minimum of 1 year battery life.
  • True on-board programming with in-built test mode.


  • Dimensions: H – 115mm, W – 70mm, D – 23mm
  • Range: up to 150 meters
  • Weight: 170g
  • Exceptional Battery Life: 1 year depending on usage

Part number: 034-894 – SensorMATe3


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