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M Care phone

Portable and lightweight, the M-Care device is a fantastic way to manage a system of alarms and enhanced telecare sensors both inside and outside of a property.

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Product Description

  • can link to a fall detector and detect falls anywhere that they occur
  • Can have with or with GPS.
  • If GPS selected and a pendant or fall event occurs, both a map showing the location and a voice call are made from the device to carers, loved ones, etc.
  • Can connect up to 8 alarms or sensors
  • Alarms can be escalated to 8 different numbers including other mobile phones
  • Uses GSM so no landline required


  • D 18mm x W45 x H94
  • Weight approx 80g including battery
  • Tri-band (900 MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz
  • Built in antenna for GSM and GPRS

Product codes

  • 035-087 2 button with GPS locator
  • 035-087 5 buttons with GPS locator
  • 035-102 Charging Station