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Environmental Control

Possum has a wide range of environmental controls, to support every type of physical limitation. This means that even if you have a severe physical limitation, you can find a controller to help you to live more independently. Many of these controllers link to our integrated environmental control systems and to our assisted living telecare solutions.

Our environmental controls are your first step to increase your independence, comfort, security, privacy and overall quality of life. And because they can be used to communicate and call for help, they give you and your carers and relatives much needed peace of mind. See independence in the home.

Featured here are a range of electronic devices, with different levels of specification, and different switches and mounts, for control of your immediate environment. These devices include "Primo!", "Vivo!", "Freeway", "Gewa", "Lite+", "Freedom" and "Intellec".


Users unable to hold a device can use switches which enable them to use assistive technology.  Making contact with a switch can, for example, turn on the lights ……read more

Environmental Control products

Service & Support

Possum provides a full support package from advice and assessment of users' needs through to installation, training and ongoing adaptations as individual requirements change. The comprehensive range of products are supported by our dedicated customer service team and maintained by our unparalleled network of service engineers across the UK. The cost of the maintenance and support packages ranges depending on the requirements of the user or project. Please contact us for further details.


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