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A ROWAN room is a room within a hospital or hospice which is equipped with an environmental control system, to give increased independence to people with severe physical limitations. It is worth finding out if your local hospital or hospice has a ROWAN room.

In the home or in the residential and care home setting, rooms equipped with similar environmental control systems are known as SMART rooms.

In a ROWAN room, patients with even severe physical limitations can do small but important things for themselves, such as switching on a light, opening the curtains, making a telephone call or switching TV channels – as well as calling for assistance and communicating with carers, friends and relatives easily. This gives more independence, comfort and privacy - adding to the patients’ quality of life and removing much of the anxiety often associated with hospital and hospice stays.

Nurse Call Link, developed by Possum, ensures that patients who cannot operate the normal nurse call system, can call for help. Nurse Call Link works together with monitoring systems and personalised alarms which detect falls and any other potentially harmful situations, for increased security – and peace of mind for everyone.

Fundraising for a ROWAN room

It is possible to fundraise for a ROWAN room, through private individuals or corporate givers ‘sponsoring’ pieces of equipment. Fundraising events are often successful, as the public like to give to something they can see and appreciate. 

ROWAN Rooms products

Service & Support

Possum provides a full support package from advice and assessment of users' needs through to installation, training and ongoing adaptations as individual requirements change. The comprehensive range of products are supported by our dedicated customer service team and maintained by our unparalleled network of service engineers across the UK. The cost of the maintenance and support packages ranges depending on the requirements of the user or project. Please contact us for further details.


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