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Telecare - Assisted LivingRemote care
Environmental ControlRemote Controllers
SMART RoomsEnvironmental control system
Life SkillsProviding Independent Living Skills

Products & services

There are five broad categories of Possum technology and services. Many of the communications and control functions are inter-related, so there are cross-overs between categories. Browse through, and you'll find a blend of technology appropriate to your needs.

Environmental Control relates to systems which enable clients to control their immediate living space (with different styles of switching to suit different types of disability).

SMART rooms help people with physical limitations living at home or in a residential care setting to live as independently as possible. Once Possum equips the room with appropriate electronic assistive technology, clients can control lighting, make a telephone call, communicate easily with carers and relatives, open or close curtains, release doors, change TV channels, operate a computer and much more. SMART rooms offer increased quality of life, privacy, comfort and peace of mind.

Telecare is the term used for the remote support of elderly and vulnerable people, providing the reassurance needed to allow them to remain living in their own homes. Telecare allows carers to monitor the well-being of clients whether this is inside a residential or hospital facility or within their own home.

Lifeskills covers a range of products, design, installation, and training services which are designed to enable children to be taught independence skills from a young age, in an educational environment.

ROWAN rooms allow patients in hospitals and hospices who have physical limitations to control their immediate environment and communicate easily with carers, friends and relatives. By giving patients more independence (for example switching TV channels or operating the light switch) and a straightforward way to call for assistance when it is needed, ROWAN rooms increase their quality of life, and help to reduce some of the anxiety of hospital and hospice stays.

Building Consultancy provides architects, developers, housing associations, schools, hospices, hospitals and residential care facilities with advice on how best to fit Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) infrastructure into new builds and redevelopments of existing premises.