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Epi-Care Free Epilepsy Sensor


Possum's the next generation of epilepsy detection brought into the UK market in partnership with Danish Care.

Using a 3-dimensional accelerometer and Bluetooth technology the device is triggered by tonic-clonic seizures.
Once activated it sends an alarm signal to a dedicated receiving device.

Epi-Care wrist worn sensor is more accurate and flexible than current bed based solutions and the falls alarms are dramatically reduced meaning peace of mind for both the user and carer. 

The patented accelerometer within the Epi-Care sensor was tested to determine the accuracy in detecting sizure. 

*For more information download our clinical data flyer 

COMING SOON - Exclusively from Possum!
The Smart phone version Epi-Care free sensor


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  • Reduced false alarms
  • Simple set-up
  • Flexible design
  • Successful two years clinical trials
  • Compatible with Possum care phone
  • Day and night solution*

*Requires 1hr charging per day


Download our most recent brochure here

Telecare - Assisted Living Catalogue(0Kb) Flyer(271Kb) User Guide(1.79Mb)