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Possum M-Care Phone


The portable and lightweight M-Care Phone is a fantastic way to manage a system of alarms and enhanced Telecare sensors both inside and for the first time, outside of the home.

Who can benefit?

This innovative product via its flexibility for greater support can bring immediate benefits to numerous groups including but not limited to:

■   People recently discharged from hospital

■   People at risk of a fall

■   People with learning difficulties

■   People with physical difficulties

■   Dementia Sufferers

■   People who don’t want that “badge of vulnerability”

■   People with epilepsy

■   People with mental health problems

■   People without a fixed landline

Associated / Complementary products


■   Fall Detection away from the property (fall detector required)

■   Pendant press outside the house with voice communication and mapping

(Unit comes with or without GPS you decide)

■   Connection to 8 alarms and sensors inside or outside the property

■   Alarms can be escalated to 8 different numbers including other mobile phones and a Central Telecare alarm centre

■   Integrates with any Possum enhanced Telecare device (pendant/fall sensor/smoke etc).

■   Uses GSM therefore analogue landline not required.

■   The Neo M-Care really is suitable for many different applications and enables you to care for your clients outside their property where they are most vulnerable.

■   Flexible and simple programming.


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