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The GTX Take–Along Tracker is a miniaturized, water and dirt resistant wearable GPS tracking device, robust and strong enough to handle the outdoors, but at just 3 inches long, small and light enough to fit easily in a pocket or bag, and even comes with a lanyard for wearable convenience. Additional features include:

The GPS Take – Along Tracker is perfect for ensuring the safety of the elderly, children and lone workers who may require some form of remote oversight. While smartphones could theoretically solve this problem, most elderly folks or children either don’t have, or forget to carry a smartphone, additionally smartphones are expensive and not very robust, but the Take – Along costs far less than a smartphone, is small and light weight, has a 2-3 day battery life and fits easily in a pocket, purse or backpack, a car’s glove compartment, motorcycle or bike. Anywhere you go the Take Along can go too.