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Schools & education

Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT) also comes into its own when developing independence, social skills and learning in the school environment. We create bespoke learning suites (Lifeskills rooms) attractively organised round particular themes.

This means that students get to learn liberating life skills interactively in ways which relate directly to daily living. Ways which emphasise self-reliance but promote a sense of community. Ways which help to resolve communications problems.

Lifeskills opens up opportunities for learners. It enables disabled children, from a young age, to raise their expectations of what they can be capable of thanks to EAT. Crucially it promotes self-confidence. And by linking the technology to national curriculum subjects, it makes learning engaging, involving and accessible.

Schools we work with benefit from comprehensive training and support. Over 30 schools and colleges across the UK are using Lifeskills. It’s one more aspect to our mission which is to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of people with disabilities.

Case Study:

Pupils at Greenfields School  in Northampton have been using multi-sensory learning experiences to give equality of access to pupils.

“The students in this school have very widely differentiating needs, but in this one space they all can have power over their environment. The technology enables them to open the door, turn on the lights or air-conditioning, even to telephone reception – all at the touch of a button. Tim Marston



If you're considering installing EAT in a new build, or retro-fitting it into existing premises, Possum's Building Consultancy division offers a full service to assist with the seamless integration of the technology into your design. From drawing board to completion, if you, your architect, your contractor or your organisation need advice, help with planning, or full project management, Possum Building Consultancy can provide you with all the support you need.