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Residential & care homes

A sensitive balance needs to be struck in running a residential home or care facility. It's the balance between providing support and a continuous caring presence, and allowing clients an appropriate level of independence.

Electronic Assistive Technology (or EAT) can play an exceptional role in achieving this balance.

When we equip a room within a residential or care home with EAT, we call it a Possum SMART room. If you are looking at residential and care homes, its well worth finding out if they offer one.  

Those who benefit from a Possum SMART room report a significant improvement in their quality of life. Once Possum equips the room with the appropriate electronic assistive technology, the individual can control lighting, make a telephone call, communicate easily with carers and relatives, open or close curtains, release a door, change TV Channels and much more.

Discrete monitoring systems and personalised alarms detect falls and any other potentially harmful situations, for increased security and peace of mind for everyone.

Possum SMART rooms are proving increasingly popular with residential care establishment owners. They are finding that offering a Possum SMART room allows them to bring in clients with a higher level of need and staff time can be used more efficiently, as the client can carry out an increased number of tasks independently.

A Possum SMART room creates a perfect balance between personal freedom and professional support: and that's the gold standard in residential care.  See our range of SMART room products.

Clients and relatives of residents in residential and care homes and supported living schemes: Download brochure.

Managers/owners/healthcare professionals within residential and care homes, supported living schemes: Download brochure 

Fundraising for a Possum SMART room

It’s possible to fundraise for a Possum SMART room, through private individuals or corporate givers ‘sponsoring’ pieces of equipment. Fundraising events are often successful, as the public like to give to something they can see and appreciate.


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If you're considering installing EAT in a new build, or retro-fitting it into existing premises, Possum's Building Consultancy division offers a full service to assist with the seamless integration of the technology into your design. From drawing board to completion, if you, your architect, your contractor or your organisation need advice, help with planning, or full project management, Possum Building Consultancy can provide you with all the support you need.