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Independence in the home

Many people with disabilities have a fierce resolve to live as independently as possible.

If you have physical limitations, you still want to continue to enjoy all the familiar comforts of home. You have no wish to leave behind your cherished, long-established networks of friends. Nor do you want to lose access to everything that’s so important to you about your local community.

For friends, family and carers keen to support that choice, safety and security are paramount concerns. They need absolute reassurance that should anything go wrong, the person they care about can summon assistance, easily and immediately. Answer that need comprehensively, and you give people the choice of retaining their independence in their own home.  See our full range of environmental control products.

Possum’s telecare solutions from sensors and emergency call buttons to enhanced telecare systems and environmental controls – are quite literally a lifeline for people with disabilities who wish to live as independently as possible.

They can keep in touch with family, friends, carers, emergency services and call response centres – to ensure their safety and well-being, day and night.

This is what Possum technology offers people at home, the reassurance that makes independence possible.

Case studies:

Paula Possum Freeway user    possum vivo user

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If you're considering installing EAT in a new home, or retro-fitting it into your current property, Possum's Building Consultancy division offers a full service to assist with the seamless integration of the technology into your design. From drawing board to completion, if you, your architect, or your builder or need advice, help with planning, or full project management, Possum Building Consultancy can provide you with all the support you need.