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Hospitals & hospices

One absolute imperative in hospitals and hospices is that staff should be within easy reach, any time, day or night, to deal with clients' needs. Needs which can be urgent, immediate and critical.

What we've developed is a range of paging and calling systems with different types of access methods, switches and mounts. Whatever a client's restriction in mobility (and that extends to the most extreme situations) they can be in constant contact. And with associated sensors, staff can monitor clients' safety as well.

It can be difficult for patients with extremely limited movement to operate normal nurse call systems. In response to this, Possum has developed Nurse call. This enables patients to use existing nurse call systems by using a wide choice of specialist disability switches. In addition, the system can alert portable Info Pagers which will provide details of the alarm location directly to busy nurses on the move.

Possum can now equip a room within a hospital or hospice with a complete integrated environmental control system. We call such a room a ROWAN room, (ROWAN standing for ‘Room Operated Without Asking Nurses’). It is well worth finding out if your local hospital or hospice offers one.

In a ROWAN room, patients with even severe physical limitations can do small but important things for themselves, such as switching on a light, opening the curtains, making a telephone call or switching TV channels – as well as calling for assistance and communicating with carers, friends and relatives easily. This gives them more independence, comfort and privacy - adding to their quality of life and removing much of the anxiety often associated with hospital and hospice stays.

Download ROWAN brochure.


If you're considering installing EAT in a new build, or retro-fitting it into existing premises, Possum's Building Consultancy division offers a full service to assist with the seamless integration of the technology into your design. From drawing board to completion, if you, your architect, your contractor or your organisation need advice, help with planning, or full project management, Possum Building Consultancy can provide you with all the support you need.