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Assisted Living - Telecare

If you have physical limitations, and would like to live as independently as possible for as long as possible, Possum Telecare can help.

Our range of telecare products use the latest technology to allow you to quickly and easily raise a help response should you find yourself in difficulty.

Possum’s simplest telecare system is very easy to install and even easier to use. It consists of a pendant alarm remotely connected to a telephone or pager.

When you push the button on your pendant alarm, a green light tells you that your call for help has been heard. The telephone or pager raises the alarm, contacting a call centre, a warden or a relative.

Quite literally a lifeline, this straightforward system gives you, your relatives and your carers peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy independence and stay in your own home for longer.

Possum’s telecare systems can be as simple or as complex as your needs require. Our enhanced systems use a wide range of sensors, which remotely trigger a call for help in specific situations – such as when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, if there is a flood or if you suffer an epileptic seizure or fall. The system can be tailored to your particular needs – for example you may wish an alarm to be triggered should a sensor detect a prolonged period of inactivity, or if somebody leaves or enters a room.

Possum’s wide range of sensors can be connected to the Neo Care Phone, Neo M Care Phone or the Info Pager (carried by a family member, carer or warden).

If you are living in a hospice, hospital or residential home setting, Possum offers Nurse Call link as a secure and straightforward way to summon assistance. Nurse Call link enables patients with physical limitations to use existing nurse call systems by using any of a choice of a wide range of specialist disability switches. In addition, the system can alert portable InfoPagers which will provide details of the alarm location directly to busy nurses on the move.

Your telecare system can be integrated into a full environmental control system, where a range of devices (such as door, window, curtain and light switch operators) and electronic equipment (such as DVD players, TVs and digital set top boxes) can be linked via infra-red to an easy to use controller, allowing you to continue to do all those important everyday things for yourself and maintain your independence in your home.

See our full range of environmental control products.


If you're considering installing EAT in a new build, or retro-fitting it into existing premises, Possum's Building Consultancy division offers a full service to assist with the seamless integration of the technology into your design. From drawing board to completion, if you, your architect, your contractor or your organisation need advice, help with planning, or full project management, Possum Building Consultancy can provide you with all the support you need.