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How do I get Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT)?

Simple. We hope that this introduction has given you an overview of what EAT and our other products are capable of. You don't need to browse right through our range of products. Just give us a call to talk things through, and we'll be happy to discuss the kinds of solutions that might be appropriate in your particular case.

Take some time to consider. If you are a potential EAT user talk to a healthcare professional. Healthcare professionals may be able to arrange an assessment for the provision of suitable equipment through your local health authority environmental control service. Alternatively we can arrange to assess your needs and supply the relevant equipment. If that involves design and installation, then we can set the process in train. Once equipment is supplied or supplied and installed, we can provide a full training service.

You can turn to us at any time for aftercare and support, or to address any maintenance needs that might arise, or to extend the options which you might wish to incorporate into your system.

We're all about making lives easier, and we want to make it easy for you to take the first step towards that, so just contact us, and let's see what we can do for you.

Request a visit

Our team of Assistive Technology specialists are available to provide you with practical advice on suitable AT applications based on the requirements of each individual or healthcare facility. We are available to provide practical demonstrations and team talks to professionals, individual visits in your own home in conjunction with a healthcare professional and visits to assess AT applications in residential & care homes, schools, hospitals and hospices. Our advice is based on the best application that is most suited to your requirements and we pride ourselves on our impartiality.